Critical Thinking. Dynamic Approach. Practical Solutions.

Our Difference

We believe our difference extends both to our problem-solving approach and to how we work with and serve our clients. Given most of our clients are repeat clients including returning companies, client referrals and other legal counsel, we believe our clients agree.

What Clients Can Expect and Consistently Count On

Practical solutions

We focus on achieving the right practical solutions for our clients, not the best opportunity for us. This means that we will not waste clients’ time and money involving ourselves in their general business; rather we will focus on resolving the problem at hand in the most efficient way possible.


Our team is able to successfully handle more complex and difficult matters – often quicker and with less expense – than small teams of lawyers at other firms. We achieve this by always having an eye to providing the best value to our clients by:

  • ensuring the seasoned primary counsel they hire is involved with their file from start to finish; there’s no bait and switch to junior associates
  • completing legal matters without taking unnecessary steps or risks
  • avoiding otherwise unnecessary and expensive research and make-work projects
  • making the best use of our experienced staff and paralegal resources, which are billed at lower fees than if assigned to junior lawyers
  • offering a more competitive fee structure and intentionally avoiding “nickel-and-diming” over the small stuff (e.g. regular in-house photocopying, faxing, scanning, long distance calls)
  • being flexible to client participation in the division of work, the identification of key issues and the management of files, where appropriate.

Accessibility and responsiveness

When our clients need legal advice or have questions or concerns, they want timely answers. As part of our commitment to being accessible and responsive, we strive to reply to client calls and emails within three (3) hours on all regular business days. When this is not possible, their message or inquiry will be returned within one (1) business day.


We believe in treating everyone with respect and collegiality: that includes all clients, opposing counsel, and team members assisting in resolving our clients’ issues. Contrary to popular belief and the depiction of litigators in popular culture, being respectful does not weaken our position. Rather our track record confirms that being respectful contributes to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

Accountability and transparency

We understand that our clients have bottom-line accountability that includes keeping costs and budgets in check. We believe in transparency and keeping companies up to date and fully apprised of the cost of their litigation files so that they can work within their budgets and avoid unwelcome surprises.