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Other Services

At Pelletier Litigation, we’re always looking for ways to provide real value and make our clients’ lives easier.

We know that from time to time, our clients need basic legal services related to their personal lives such as buying or selling a family home, writing a personal directive and power of attorney, creating a will and basic estate planning.

Normally, that would mean having to establish separate legal relationships with a real estate lawyer and a wills and estate lawyer, all of which is time consuming, inconvenient and likely not the most cost-effective.

That’s why we offer basic ancillary legal services to our clients who already know and trust us to have their best interests in mind. Most appreciate the convenience of being able to consolidate these basic legal services through Pelletier Litigation should they so choose. In situations that are more complex and require greater legal specialization, we will provide referrals and introductions.

Services and Benefits

When clients choose to engage Pelletier Litigation for any of these ancillary legal services, they will gain an added overall advantage: As litigators, we know how to avoid potential legal issues as well as how to best protect against and address litigation issues should they arise.

The Will package (will, personal directive and power of attorney)

  • Ensures that the documents are complete, accurate, correct and enforceable according to the client’s intentions
  • By completing all three documents as a package (the Will package), clients are ensured that all of their interests are addressed in respect of a loss of capacity prior to death as well as distribution of their estate after death
  • We provide a “real world” analysis of any non-standard terms or situations which are requested to be included in the Will package documents
  • By securely storing the originals of the Will’s package documents in our fireproof safes, there is no risk of a third-party editing or manipulating them

Real estate transactions

  • We handle residential transactions quickly, discretely and with an attention to potential litigation issues at no additional cost
  • If a litigation issue does arise, the same lawyer who handles the real estate transaction will also handle the litigation