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Commercial Real Estate and Personal Injury

Ryan grasped my situation quickly and was very thorough in his research before presenting what I feel was the ideal position in defence of my company. I benefitted from his extensive commercial litigation experience, including his knowledge in a number of different legal areas that happen to overlap in the legal issue he is handling for me. Ryan’s broad experience and varied background reduced both the time and costs incurred and imbued in me a significant confidence in his handling of the file. From Ryan I have received outstanding service delivered in a most professional manner and Pelletier Litigation continues to be our preferred litigation counsel.

— James Bridgewater, President | Bridgewater Land

Publishing and Licencing Agreement Litigation

Our regular litigation counsel referred me to Pelletier Litigation in Alberta to address a dispute about a publishing licence agreement. Thanks to Ryan’s calm persistence, professionalism and unique approach, we were able to maintain our position in Alberta while proceeding with the matter through the appropriate industry forum. I believe very few counsel are able to hold their ground and maintain their professionalism and composure as Ryan did given opposing counsel’s confrontational personal style.

— J.R. Vatour, President | Busy Music

Commercial Real Estate – Litigating in BC and Alberta

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Pelletier with respect to a number of real estate companies I own as well as the related family and corporate disputes that arose. Ryan aggressively and successfully litigated matters for me both in BC and Alberta. Throughout the three years, Ryan was always prompt in returning my calls and answering my questions, as well as complete and reassuring in his advice and approach on all matters that would affect me in any way. This reduced my stress, and earned my trust and confidence. I was extremely pleased with his service and should the need arise, I would hire him again.

— Irene Wenngatz, Owner of real estate companies

Corporate Commercial

We found Ryan to be very thorough and understanding in addressing our legal issues. We were involved in a delicate situation related to an employment matter within our family business which was very volatile and put a lot at stake, both financially and personally. Ryan was very diligent and prompt in moving our matters forward. By focussing on resolving the dispute rather than running up billable litigation hours, Ryan was able to de-escalate the situation. This enabled us to address the personal side of the dispute and achieve a favourable outcome without expensive litigation. Ryan has been a pleasure to deal with and we would not hesitate to recommend his services.

— Jacques Ahsmann, President | Dpb Bakingcompany

Alberta Agent for BC Litigator

I have engaged Ryan’s services as an agent for our firm in cases where I have been acting as a BC attorney in Alberta proceedings. I have found Ryan to be both very efficient and responsive. He is a bright litigator with sound judgement. I have valued his services greatly and plan on retaining him in the future when the opportunity arises.

— Francis Lamer, Partner | Shapray Cramer Fitterman Lamer LLP

Commercial Real Estate

We have dramatically improved our expectations for success since moving our files to Pelletier Litigation. We have been using lawyers for almost 25 years and noticed significant improvements since working with Ryan including:

  • Critical attention to details to properly guide our actions for success.
  • Skillful use of resources aligned with complete knowledge of legal rules to avoid problems while reducing litigants’ options to delay matters.
  • Bills that were entirely understandable and were within reason and fair.

— Wes Serra, President | Arres Group of Companies

Employment Law

Ryan was a great help in resolving our issue. His approach was strategic and process driven while also being nimble as the situation required. With his help, we were able to succinctly advance our interests and get all that we were looking for in our negotiations while keeping litigation costs to a minimum. I would be pleased to recommend Ryan to anyone looking for strong litigation support.


Administration Law – Access to Education

For a family with a special needs child – my son JJ has autism – mole hills turn into mountains. Ryan came into our life at a time when we were facing a particularly daunting mountain, being our sincere worry that JJ would not receive the support and access to education he required at this critical age in order to develop into a participating and contributing member of society.

JJ made incredible gains when he’d been in an inclusive and supported public school, but upon moving to Calgary and attending public school he was placed in a segregated unsupported program that we viewed as little more than a babysitting service. For a year, I got the run around from the school and my search for a lawyer was daunting with a number of dead ends. Then I was referred to Ryan, who fought hard for – and won – JJ’s right to be part of an inclusive educational environment, fully supported by trained aides. Thanks to Ryan, JJ received the support and access to education he required and deserved, and his life and future are brighter.

Corporate Commercial Law – Small Business Sale Agreement

The legal advice and quick turnaround Ryan provided was invaluable at a critical point for our business. We were at deadline and feeling significant pressure to come to an agreement that wasn’t truly in the company’s best interest. Ryan took the time to clearly understand our situation before taking action. As a litigator, he approached the issue with a different mindset than a lawyer would have in the same scenario. Ryan’s guidance was invaluable in helping us make the right decisions both for us and our company.

— Erin and James Verwy, Owners | Dignified Dogs Inc.